Free Training For Agencies & Freelancers Doing $10k/M Or More

How To Break Through The “10k/Month Agency Death Trap” & Use The Agency Hyper Growth™ System To Scale To 7 Figures In ARR In Under 12 Months

The proven path to perpetual profits in your B2B agency or freelancing business that we’ve taught to over 400 clients

Inside This Free 15 Minute Training For Marketing Agencies You'll Learn:

  • Operational Optimization™ - Why "Operational Bloat" Is Killing Your Profit Margins & How To Maintain Consistent 85%+ PM
  • Hybrid Client Attraction™ - The H.C.S Framework We Use To Systematically Keep Our Calendars Full Of 10+ Sales Calls Per Week With Our Dream Clients
  • Sell Without Selling™ - How We Close 60%+ Of Our Sales Calls Without Pitch Decks, Slide Presentations, Hard Closing, Or Giving Discounts Using Our Sell Without Selling™ System
  • The Fortune 500 Fulfillment™ Model We Use To Retain 90% Of Our Clients For 6 Months Or More While Only Working 10 Hours A Week
Does The Agency Hyper Growth™ Model Actually Work? Check Out Real Results From Our Clients!
How Cory Went From Washing Dishes At Dominos To Scaling His Agency To 6 Figures
🔥 How Brenton Scaled To 20k M & Quit His 6 Figure Salary Job
How Louis Closed $25k In Contracts For His Agency In Under 90 Days!
How Nour Hit $11k/Month In Recurring Revenue With His Agency At 15 Years Old!
How Kat Closed $12k For Her Agency In The First 6 Days Of January 2021!
How Tim Closed $85k In Revenue For His Agency + Had A $10k Week!

B2B Ads Agency Serving Construction Companies -"I've closed $6,500 in the past 2 days - 13x ROI from my ad spend." - Louis F.

"June, July, August 2020 - stuck at $6k to $7k/month. Invested in AHG In Sept - Jan 2021: $16k paid, verbals for $19k - Brenton G.

B2B Agency Serving Realtors - "3 on 3 for proposals this week. $15k in revenue." - Dario R.

B2B Ads Agency Serving Realtors -"You guys! I just closed a $22,250 upfront paid-in-full contract!" - Kat S.

B2B Ads Agency Serving HVAC Companies - $500 in ad spend -> $2500 closed -> 5x ROAS (Stripe screenshot below)

Just closed on another realtor just now! $2.5k...what?! Let's get it!"

"I' just closed my first solar client! Warning: this stuff works."

"This morning we just signed a huge company at $3,500 management. Those are the deals we're going after now."

Louis used our in-house fulfillment team (provided to our private clients) to handle his client's campaigns.

"3 hours in and we got 10 leads. The client is so happy he's now referring me to multiple people in his network."

"Closed an SEO and PPC client's a win! Waiting on.2 more deals today!" - Jimmy C.

"I closed him for $5k a month ad spend and a $2k retainer!" 

(He's using our in-house fulfillment team to handle his client's campaigns so he can focus on sales & signing new clients)

$36k Closed, $30k Pending
$20k Contract Closed
$18k In 1 Week!
$9.5k Contract Closed!
$4k Contract Closed
"Booking more meetings in the past 2 weeks than I have in the past 2 months."
$3.7k Contract Closed + $2.5k/Month 
$5k Contract Closed
9 Appointments Per Week
$6.5k/Month In 
Recurring Revenue
2 Contracts Closed While On Vacation In South America
$2.7k Contract Closed
$6k Contract Closed
$5.5k Contract + $1.5k/Month!
"Closed A $7.5k Deal Today"
$8k Contract Closed!
$3.5k Contract Closed!
$3.5k Contract Closed - $5k Contract Pending
$6k Deal Closed!
$10k/Month From 1 Client!
$19.5k In Closed Contracts!
2 New Clients This Week!
"2nd Deal Closed At $1.5k/Month!"
"2 Deals Closed In The Last 27 Days"
New Client At $1.5k/Month!
$8k Deal Closed
$4k + $3.5k Deal Closed
$15k In One Day!
$3k Contract Closed
"Pretty Safe To Say My Agency Was A JOKE Before I Joined AHG"
24 Appointments A Week!
"Another $6k Deal Closed"
$10k In Under 2 Months

Hear What Our Clients Have To Say:

"I closed $18k in contracts within 1 week!" - Jermaine F., Digital Marketing Agency Owner Serving Realtors

"I closed $36k in contracts - with $30k pending in the pipeline" - Aaron M. - Founder of 
The Solar Edge

"Closed a $7.5k deal today." - Jack S.
Founder Of Socialfila

"I closed $15k in 1 morning" - Kyle W.
Founder of Alchemy Creative Co.

"Just signed our second client! He's on the same terms as the first - $3k retainer + $3k ad spend + $1k setup for 3 months!- Becky W., Founder At Brokers Key

"In 7 days of quitting my day job I closed $7k in MRR. - Michael Z.
Founder of Zami Marketing

"I closed a $6k & a $17k contract. Bryan and Sebastian's sales training is NEXT-LEVEL. - Ex P., Owner At 'More Cleaning Clients'

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