The Math Behind A $30k/Month Agency: Learn The Exact 
Client Attraction, Sales, & Campaign Delivery Frameworks Our Agency Partners Are Using To Scale Aggressively In 2021 

P.S. - We'll text you an additional bonus training to close $3k/M retainers in 2021 ;)

What You're Going To Learn:

  • Our "Hybrid Client Attraction" Model
  • How To "Sell Without Selling" (and have clients ask "where do I sign?"
  • The difference between SALES and CLOSING
  • How to run an ads agency without running ads
Does This Model For Scaling An Agency Actually Work?
Check Out Our Client Results!
$36k Closed, $30k Pending
$20k Contract Closed
$18k In 1 Week!
$9.5k Contract Closed!
$4k Contract Closed
"Booking more meetings in the past 2 weeks than I have in the past 2 months."
$3.7k Contract Closed + $2.5k/Month 
$5k Contract Closed
9 Appointments Per Week
$6.5k/Month In 
Recurring Revenue
2 Contracts Closed While On Vacation In South America
$2.7k Contract Closed
$6k Contract Closed
$5.5k Contract + $1.5k/Month!
"Closed A $7.5k Deal Today"
$8k Contract Closed!
$3.5k Contract Closed!
$3.5k Contract Closed - $5k Contract Pending
$6k Deal Closed!
$10k/Month From 1 Client!
$19.5k In Closed Contracts!
2 New Clients This Week!
"2nd Deal Closed At $1.5k/Month!"
"2 Deals Closed In The Last 27 Days"
New Client At $1.5k/Month!
"Just Closed My First Client For $2k/Month"
"My inbox has been flooded with interested prospects"
$2.4k Deal Closed
$4k Deal Closed
$8k Deal Closed
$4k + $3.5k Deal Closed
$15k In One Day!
$3k Contract Closed
6 Meetings A Week Without Cold Calling!
10 Meetings A Week!
"Pretty Safe To Say My Agency Was A JOKE Before I Joined AHG"
24 Appointments A Week!
9 Deals In The Pipeline - 
2 Weeks In
6 Qualified Appointments 
In 1 Day
"The support is absolutely phenomenal."
Carlye Closed A $6k Contract!
$10k In Under 2 Months
RJ Closed A $4.5k Deal!
Levi Closed His 
First Client For $4.8k!
Louis Closed An $8k Consulting Deal & Hit $10k/M Within 3 Weeks!
"Closed My First Client Since Joining AHG 10 Days Ago."
Richard Closed $10k In 1 Week!
Iurii Closed A $4k Client!
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